May 10, 2018

Marsaskala – Malta

Marsaskala local council (link: is responsible for the well-being of almost 10000 inhabitants of the fishing town. The local government – together with the inhabitants – declared its mission which is to halt the existing threats to the environment and to find ways and means to rehabilitate the locality’s characteristics as residential area through striking a balance between the need of the residents and the commercial community in an efficient manner. The town council outlined several values, like to give an honest, impartial and fair service in all aspects, to manage efficiently, effectively and economically in a most transparent manner, and to create a civic and environmental awareness. Also, the local government would like to create and promote cultural and sports activities, and enhance the quality of life of the citizens. Reaching these goals, the town has participated in several international projects, too. It is also the member town of the Douzelage. One of the symbols of the town is the Douzelage monument in one of the main squares.

As each partner in our network, Town Marsaskala also has a special task besides the general one. As the town is in the smallest EU member country, their special task is obvious: how the small country, small municipality can contribute to the results of the large EU. The municipality will organize the event decided and described in part F. Besides the general questions discussed everywhere as a special topic, they will summarize the attitude of the local participants and foreign visitors towards importance of a very small, isolated country. Also, as a consequence of their experience and situation they also include the importance of a small, almost forgotten language. They will contribute to the success of events organized in the partner towns with presentations etc. During the last event they also will summarize their results in both special and general topics.