May 10, 2018

Chojna – Poland

Chojna (link: is a small town in western Poland in the West Pomeranian Voivodship. It is located near two border crossings on the Oder River with Germany. It participates in the Douzelage town twinning initiative. In the project the Douzelage Association in Chojna is acting as the partner.

Douzelage Association in Chojna is a non – profit, non – governmental organization. It was established in 2008 and consists of about 30 active members. Its main aims are focused on European cooperation of ordinary people from small municipalities. Douzelage organizes cultural, educational, sport and social activities and charity events. The topic areas of the activities included youth unemployment, tolerance, combating stigmatization of immigrants, health and wellbeing. They involve not only members of Douzelage Association but also many local inhabitants. Douzelage Association in Chojna cooperates with local schools and represents Chojna municipality in European Town Twinning Association Douzelage which consists of 28 towns, one from every EU country. The association is usually asked by the town leaders to help with international projects, and it often even represents the town.

As each partner in our network, Douzelage Association in Chojna also has a special task besides the general one. The association has already carried out several European projects in the field of education and youth, and this makes it a perfect partner to help each step of the project with its experience. The consultation between the applicant and Douzelage Association in Chojna has been regular. The association will organize the event decided and described in part F. Besides the general questions discussed everywhere as a special topic, they will summarize the attitude of the local participants and foreign visitors towards work abroad, particularly in case of a small town. Also, their experience predestinated them to involve international apprenticeship, as a small step towards being European. They will contribute to the success of events organized in the partner towns with presentations etc. During the last event they will summarize their results in both special and general topics.