May 10, 2018

Bad Kötzting – Germany

Bad Kötzting (link: is located within the Nature Recreation Park “Upper Bavarian Forest” on the border to the Czech Republic. Tourism was initiated here in the years following regional reorganization with special emphasis being placed on health, relaxation and recuperation. In this vein, the very first German Clinic for Traditional Chinese Medicine, institutions for “Kneipp” hydropathic treatment and the Rehabilitation Centre for Orthopedics, Rheumatology and Neurology were opened. This also widens the horizon of people living there, and partially because of the many international visitors the citizens are very much Europeans. Our geographic position, the presence of the many sick people makes our citizens more and more sensitive to the respect and help of the weaker. Several projects are also organized to makes sure that the young generation will be engaged with the European ideas and voluntary work. Bad Kötzting, as one of the founders, is a member town of Douzelage Town Twinning network.

Stadt Bad Kötzting, as all other partner organization will be responsible for the preparation of the whole project and the events taking place in their town. As they live in one of the largest and predominant EU country, even in the general topic – importance of the small partner countries – will collect ideas how the citizens of a large country see this issue. As Germany welcomes many migrants, and the town will carry out a project related to migration, we will take advantage of it: they will be asked to talk about the results of their project.

Their special topic will be bee-keeping. This will allow them to present how important the international cooperation is to protect these small animals from epidemic illnesses. The topic will be even more interesting, because many students will be included in the workshop.
They will contribute to the success of events organized by the partners, and during the last event, they will summarize their results during a monumental outdoor event.