May 10, 2018

Velletri – Italy

Velletri (Link: Velletri is a town of 51,000 inhabitants in Lazio, in the province of Rome. Velletri is one of the centers economically and culturally alive in the province. It is also the first joint between fifteen villages in the Castelli Romani both by population, and for territorial extension.

Velletri in the Middle Ages was one of the few free cities of Lazio and central Italy, and one of the few cities to preserve its own life town.
Today Velletri is home to a district court and a prison, as well as several colleges and high schools. Terminus of the Rome-Velletri railway inaugurated by Pius IX in 1863, the city is one of the centers crossed by State Road Via Appia. Its cultural life – since the seventeenth century – is rich, it has theaters, museums, cinemas, libraries and archives. Velletri has several sister cities, and its associations, schools have several international projects.

Tratti is a typical cultural and social association with many young members, who are all voluntaries. Many of them were trained in different international projects. The association collaborates with other associations, institutions and public and private agencies, tour operators, open to the development of initiatives that fit closely in its own purposes. They organize cultural exchanges and trainings with the cooperation of other Italian, European or even non-European organizations with similar aims. They are engaged in the protection of the rights of the weakest. The members are open to any other form of cooperation with private and public bodies concerning similar problems. They also are involved in periodic publications and proceedings of conferences, seminars, and research using the contribution of scholars and / or external researchers. The city and even the region finds their work essential, particularly in the field of voluntary work.

TRATTI’s special role in the project is essential because of 3 reasons. First, most members of the association are very young, they are in their age of 20’s, so their enthusiasm, point of view will be example for youngsters of other project partners. Other hand, they are sensitive to the problems of those citizens who are disadvantaged. They will use their international experiences to make it clear for all participants of the project, how important this question is and what international cooperation is needed to make their life easier. As they are open minded, they are sensitive to serious problem of the refugees coming from different parts of the World.

TRATTI, similarly to the other partners, will organize the event described in part F. Their special topic will be: How many European have been refugees in the past? They will contribute to the success of events organized in the partner towns. During the last event, a concert they also will talk shortly about the project, its results.